December 02, 2019

Choosing the right Adult Diapers Manufacturers or Suppliers from China

Due to the range of available absorption levels, buying adult diapers can be quite numerous. For options such as light, moderate, severe, and maximum, it is difficult to know which absorbency is right for you. The best way to pick the right absorbent is to order a diaper and test it. For example, you can order lights during the day, but realize that you need a bit more absorption, and switch to moderate. Here are some tips for choosing adult diapers based on absorption levels.

Light absorption

Lightly absorbent Adult Diapers For Incontinence can feel like regular underwear. These diapers are perfect for active adults during the day. Light absorption levels cannot handle large accidents but are suitable for bladder leaks. Many of the technologies in today's diapers are resistant to odors and feel comfortable on the skin even after being soiled. Lightly absorbent diapers come to Jane, pull up, belt style. But if you are the diaper distributors or retailers, you can buy them from Care-De. We can give you a surprise wholesale price. Contact us now! Email:

Moderate absorption

Moderate absorption is something that adults need between light and heavy diapers. Mid-absorbent Incontinence Diapers work well for adults who are active but not just small bladder leaks. The diaper is designed to keep the accident while keeping the user comfortable and odor-free.


Resorbable diapers are ideal for adults with both bladder and intestinal problems. These diapers also work well for people who need diapers for longer. Re-absorbent diapers are comfortably held and free of odor for up to 8 hours. You know there are many Adult Diapers Manufacturers and suppliers from China.

Maximum / overnight absorption

The largest (overnight) absorbent diapers are perfect for overnight use. Don't worry, you can sleep well despite incontinence. These Adult Diapers For Sale will be stored for up to 8-10 hours, giving users comfort and rest in the morning. Some of the largest absorbent diapers can hold a quart of liquid.

Wholesale Adult Diapers have many different levels of water absorption, which means that everyone has a proper fit and feel. Don't hesitate to try different absorption levels to find out what works best for you. It's also a good idea to have different diapers for different situations. For example, you can use maximum intensity at night, but medium intensity during the day. Just because you have incontinence doesn't mean you have to feel uncomfortable. Finding the right level of water absorption is the first step in adult diaper comfort. Contact Care-De today to learn more about the different incontinence diapers available at each level of water absorption.

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